Meet the Doctor

Dr. Ryan Brewer was born and raised in Show Low. Following high school he attended the University of Arizona then served a church mission in Colorado. After completing the rest of his prerequisites Dr. Brewer attended Western States Chiropractic College (now known as University of Western States) in Portland, Oregon.

While at U of A Dr. Brewer was playing in a softball game and injured his lower back. After being helped to his car he went immediately to his chiropractor who gave him a simple adjustment and Dr. Brewer was immediately able to walk with limited pain. After one more adjustment he was completely pain free. Dr. Brewer knew that if he hurt as bad as he did and was fixed with chiropractic care then he wanted to become a doctor of chiropractic.

During school Dr. Brewer was able to do an internship with a chiropractor in Vancouver, Washington. Upon meeting, this chiropractor told Dr. Brewer he wasn’t “a regular chiropractor.” This is where Dr. Brewer was officially introduced to Applied Kinesiology. Time after time Dr. Brewer was amazed with the results from this technique which uses the body and muscle testing to determine what needs fixed.                                     

Currently Dr. Brewer is involved with several youth organizations including scouts and coaching baseball and basketball. His wife’s name is Kira and they have 5 children. Living in the White Mountains allows Dr. Brewer and his family to enjoy the outdoors where they like to camp, hunt and fish.

Chiropractor White Mountains, Arizona

Regardless of how your pain began, Dr Ryan is here to serve you in any way he can.